2000 - 2009

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2009    Abigail's Party

            Say Something Happened  (Festival)

            Curtain Up On Murder

2008    Cats away

            Wind in the Willows

2007    Laying the Ghost

            Revolution  (Festival)

            Role Play

2006   'allo 'allo

           Comfort and Joy

2005   Haywire

           Cemetry Club

2004   Fly Me To The Moon

2003   Tip Toe Through The Tombstones

           Man of Letters / Triplets

           Love Begins at 50

2002   Colliers Tea Party

           Orca The Goldfish

           Man of Letters / Triplets

2001   I Know You ( Festival)

           Family Planning

2000   Alice in Wonderland

           Last Tango…(Festival)

           Situation Comedy

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